Carrier Partner Program

To Become a Contract Carrier for Deliver Now Logistics (DNL), Please Provide:

  1. Copy of the carrier’s Federal Operating Authority. This will be a certificate or permit for contract or common carrier authority showing the carrier’s MC number and legal company name. If the carrier has re-entitled, DNL will need both the original and re-entitlement authorities.
  2. Copy of current insurance certificate showing minimum coverage amounts per DNL. Please provide a copy of the carrier’s current insurance certificate with the carrier’s company name (must match the name on the Federal Operating Authority) and current address.
  3. Please provide us with your name, address, fax and phone numbers, and Federal Tax I.D. or social security number.
  4. Once we receive the above information, we will issue a DNL account number to you and send you a DNL Procedures and Guidelines Manual and any appropriate contract documentation. Please write your account number on all future correspondence.