Pool Distribution

Pool Distribution

Pool distribution is the a highly efficient way to deliver shipments to numerous destinations within a specific geographic region. Pool distribution represents a cost-saving alternative to direct LTL shipments. Instead of shipping direct from one location to another, consignments are shipped on consolidated trailers direct to regional terminals or regional carriers. The consolidated group of shipments (The Pool) are offloaded, sorted by consignee and then reloaded onto local delivery trucks for delivery to the ultimate destinations.

Deliver Now Logistics (DNL) offers experience and expertise in pool distribution. Our access to hundreds of regional carriers and large terminal networks allows us to manage the entire process of converting direct shipping procedures to pool distribution alternative, nation-wide.


Consolidation is the opposite of pool distribution. We collect individual consignments from shippers throughout a defined area and then create consolidated loads to be routed to a single receiving location. This offers cost advantages similar to pool distribution.

If you would like us to do a comprehensive distribution analysis of your shipping needs in order to evaluate the possible cost savings associate with either Pool Distribution or Consolidation please contact us asap.

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