Project Freight

Project Freight is a highly specialized field including poiHydrolic lift loading container truck-646934_960_720nt-to-point shipping services with items of a unique size, shape or weight requirements. Additionally, shipments that are extremely time critical or of exceptional high value might be considered Project Freight.  Commodities that do not fit in standard containers or have unusual characteristics such as size, quantity and weight or have complex components that must be disassembled prior to shipping, are defined as Project Freight.

A complex example of Project Freight would be coordination with a construction crew building a new store.  DNL would receive freight from all vendors, then warehouse and inventory.  Typical items include building materials, fixtures and initial inventory.  Finally we would then set up specific deliveries of specifics items at the request of the general building contractor on a “time specific” basis until the completion of the project.

Another example of Project freight would be the management of a large group of individual refrigerated shipments that need coordinated, time definite delivery of flowers to 500+ stores in advance of a holiday like Valentine’s Day.

The Deliver Now Logistics experienced staff has expertise in Project Freight logistics management.  This includes a thorough knowledge of geographic variables, destination limitations and critical knowledge of inter-modal transportation and documentation.

Deliver Now Logistics is one of the few 3rd Party transport service providers that can coordinate ocean, air, specialty trucking and international movements of Project Freight.

As your solutions provider, DNL prides itself in understanding our clients specialized needs.  We have the unequaled ability to handle all integral parts of the Project Freight process. Our commitment to expediting your freight while maintaining the strictest safety standards ensures that all your logistics requirements are met. We achieve all this while negotiating your Project in the most economical way possible.

If you would like us to do a free comprehensive analysis of your project freight needs in order to evaluate the possible cost savings and/or efficiencies by using our network please contact us asap.
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