Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics – Asset Recovery

truck-delivery backing into single bay reverse-1237583Our reverse logistics services give our customers the ability to recover, consolidate, and relocate products, equipment and recyclables.  Deliver Now Logistics (DNL) has an extensive asset recovery network throughout the USA. Whether you need electronics goods returned to a reclamation center, old pallets recycled or defective goods returned, let us help you design a custom asset recovery program to meet your needs. DNL will solve your concerns regarding every aspect of the asset recovery/reverse logistics cycle.

Our Reverse Logistics Services include:

  • Asset recovery
  • Warranty exchange
  • Dedicated reverse logistics teams ensuring seamless product recovery
  • Scheduled appointment pick up times
  • Returns consolidations back to the DC, vendor, or recycling center
  • Web-based tools for retrieval ordering, tracking, and tracing
  • Custom crating and packaging
  • Product labeling & scanning capabilities
  • Recycling and disposal with Certificate of Destruction

If you would like us to do a free comprehensive analysis of your reverse logistics needs in order to evaluate the possible cost savings and/or efficiencies by using our network please contact us asap.
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