Dedicated or Routed Delivery Services

Dedicated Delivery Services

Deliver Now Logistics (DNL) provides Dedicated Delivery solutions for customers that don’t wish to assume all the costs and challenges associated with owning and managing a delivery fleet.  Deliver Now Logistics (DNL) can customize an outsourced dedicated delivery system focused on a single customer’s specific delivery needs.

Whether you require a couple of vans or a full fleet of trucks, DNL has the expertise and the capacity to handle your all your needs.  Dedicated delivery provides you the exclusive use of drivers who will service predetermined routes designed for maximum efficiency and optimum service levels.

Routed / Scheduled Service

conveyer belt-852939_960_720DNL has extensive experience providing customized routed and scheduled service to satisfy a wide variety of shipper requirements

Our Routed Delivery Service is customized to fit your needs.  You may schedule any number of pick-ups or deliveries per day, week or month.  We’ll customize our delivery services to fit your business needs.  Routed Delivery Services provide an excellent and less costly alternative for any regular, scheduled shipping requirements.

Regardless of your needs, from just one shipment a day to hundreds, we have the network to handle it.  Our local routed services offer a broad range of options for many types of business.  We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt existing routes to fit the individual needs of any type of business and develop an appropriate solution that works.  Our logistics team will plan and manage routes that are both efficient and also cost effective.  Significant discounts can be achieved for deliveries that occur on a regular, pre-scheduled basis.

If you would like us to do a free comprehensive analysis of your Routed or Dedicated delivery needs in order to evaluate the possible cost savings and/or efficiencies by using our network please contact us asap.
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