Logistics Technology

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DNL integrates an advanced technology application into every solution we deliver.  Key shipment information from our proprietary web based technology platform is made available to our clients providing them with visibility and control throughout the entire shipping cycle.  DNL’s advanced technology solutions enable real time management of your shipments through transparent end-to-end visibility and proactive exception alerting.

DNL will integrate with a wide variety of TMS applications and provide the hardware and software required to meet the critical needs of any distribution or supply chain management objective.

DNL offers several automation options and has the ability to customize offerings to your specifications.  We have made significant investments in our IT Infrastructure including a new Transportation Management System (TMS).  This will allow us to offer you even more technology enabled solutions!  Here are some of the ways we can help:

Advanced Integration Platforms

DNL has the flexibility to work with your IT Team and provide the solutions best suited for your business.  Whether it is EDI, XML, Flat File, FTP, or API’s, we can set you up quickly and minimize programming time.

Shipping Processing

We have shipping solutions for companies of every size.  Our web based shipping solutions accommodate the needs of most businesses.  When your volume and complex needs demand more, our team will work with you to support EDI and customized options.

Tracking and Visibility

We take the guess work out of customer service.  DNL will provide complete shipment visibility at each delivery milestone.  Whether you need to see if a shipment has been picked up, an appointment has been scheduled, or need a proof of delivery, we have you covered.

scanner-shipping-technologyAdditional Features DNL Offers:

  • Automated Claims Processing
  • Online Returns Solutions
  • On-Demand Reporting
  • Electronic Invoicing

Scanning Device Capabilities:

  • Uploaded with Advance Shipment Notifications (ASN)
  • Scan and compare received shipments to ASN
  • Provide overs/shortage/damage reports (OSD)
  • Provide electronic evidence of damages
  • Capable of scanning returns and pick-ups from the customer with documentation to the shipper
  • Maintains operations inventory accuracy and integrity