Warehouse Services

Warehouse Services

Deliver Now Logistics (DNL) has a network of professionally managed, secure, dry storage space in nationwide.
We have provided comprehensive third party logistics, warehousing and value-added logistics services with a diverse portfolio of customers and industry experience.

The network of DNL warehouse facilities are strategically designed with the following attributes:

  • forklift-835342Multiple warehouse facilities in the region create campuses that provide flexible space and labor expansion to support peak and seasonal demands.
  • All our warehouses are rail served and proximate to intermodal rail facilities and major roadways, providing multi-modal flexibility in the event of capacity shortages, fuel cost fluctuations, and emergencies.
  • Locations are geographically suited to serve highly populated regions of the U.S. with same day and next day service.

We strive to continually provide best in class logistics offerings and superior customer service at a competitive price. All facilities are operated by seasoned logistics professionals invested in providing your company dependable integrated warehousing, transportation, and logistics services.

Public Warehousing

Our multi-client public warehouses offering flexible space to customers with 100 or more pallets at a variable cost which can expand or contract based on your exact business needs.

Contract Warehousing

Contract warehousing is a perfect solution for companies looking for a customized distribution program in a dedicated facility strategically positioned for optimal services


Our crossdock program can produce significant savings on freight and help lower warehousing costs.


Integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transportation Management System (TMS), RF Scanning, EDI, Online Inventory Tracking… We provide customers with technology offerings that augment existing supply chain controls and provide real-time visibility of inventory.

Pick and Pack

DNL has significant experience with complex Pick and Pack operations, breaking down pallets and shipping individual cases to fulfill individual orders.

Inventory Control

Flawless management of your inventory is our top priority. With regular cycle counts and best in class processes, Nexus provides reliable inventory management solutions.

Order Fulfillment

The right order, on time, real time, every time. That is our goal with every delivery, every customer.]


With warehouses that are capable of receiving and shipping via rail, intermodal, and truck modes of transport, our facilities are geographically positioned in major distribution hubs that are ideal for transloading activities, to economically support import, export and domestic movements of product.

If you would like us to do a free comprehensive analysis of your warehouseing needs in order to evaluate the possible cost savings and/or efficiencies by using our network please contact us asap.

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